Jekyll Adventures on a Debian Server

We decided to give Jekyll a go for maintaining our homepage, after have been using some sort of PHP system for the job. Still the easy setup i was comforted with running Jekyll on my laptop was not the same when installing Jekyll on of production servers running Debian Squeeze. We needed to install a newer version of Ruby than the one that was installed by default to make Jekyll run. So i was up for some andventure time involving googling, running make && make install and unkown pitfalls on this path to upgrade Ruby to the minimum required version for Jekyll.

Blogging trough Hexo

Shortly another attempt on maintain a blog for my own thoughts, in these times where we have several services such as Blogger, FB, G+, Ghost, Medium, Wordpress where we can rant as much as we want. Still its always nice to have your own space in the corners of the interweb. For this task i have chosen hexo as the engine to maintain and drive this site.