Blogging trough Hexo

Shortly another attempt on maintain a blog for my own thoughts, in these times where we have several services such as Blogger, FB, G+, Ghost, Medium, Wordpress where we can rant as much as we want. Still its always nice to have your own space in the corners of the interweb. For this task i have chosen hexo as the engine to maintain and drive this site.

Yes i know about Jekyll and even use it for some other site(s), still hexo intrigued my mind being built on top of nodejs and seems to be the number one static site generator developed in JavaScript. So i decided to give it a try, of course we could argue why not just use Ghost and I agree from what i have seen from Ghost i can absolutely recommend it. However I still like the idea of maintaining my own stuff and hacking in the terminal punching commands at it such as $ hexo deploy, and another reason is that i actually pay for the server this blog run’s along with other domains.

I do not rant much, still this blog will be updated now and then to convey my findings, ideas and/or frustrations in my daily work and life.